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● By Matt Rooney
It’s officially NBA Draft month! We’re just 20 days away from Round 1 of the NBA Draft, and there is still a ton of movement on the 2024 NBA mock draft boards. The NBA Draft order is essentially set, and after the NBA Finals wrap up we’ll be full steam ahead toward the premier event of the offseason. With that in mind, let’s get to another mock draft. We can’t forget the dramatic plot twist that played out with the NBA Draft order. In a major upset, the Atlanta Hawks defied the odds stacked heavily against them. Despite only having a 3% chance of securing the coveted number one pick, they emerged victorious in the draft lottery. This unexpected win completely reshuffled the draft landscape. Meanwhile, the Detroit Pistons, who endured a grueling season with the league’s worst record, were dealt a significant blow. Their hope of finally landing the number one pick for the second year running came crashing down. Now, they find themselves slotted at a much lower position – number five in the draft order.

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