● By Gary Parrish
The 2024 NBA Draft is now less than three weeks away. At this point, it remains unclear which player the Atlanta Hawks will select with the first pick — or even if the Atlanta Hawks will keep the first pick. It's just that kind of year. Between this day and the moment commissioner Adam Silver is handed a card in advance of him announcing the first pick inside Barclays Center on June 26, we'll likely get some clarity. But, for now at least, I'm keeping Alex Sarr at the top of my 2024 NBA Mock Draft, primarily because he's still the person most NBA evaluators tell me they believe is the best prospect available in a weaker-than-normal draft. Is he perfect? No. Is he a sure-thing big like Anthony Davis was considered a sure-thing big after winning a national championship and securing national player of the year honors at Kentucky in 2012? Again, no. But Sarr is a 7-foot 19 year-old who projects as an elite defensive player cut from the same cloth as Memphis Grizzlies star Jaren Jackson Jr. and Cleveland Cavaliers standout Evan Mobley.

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