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Outside of the lottery, which is set to have its order determined in less than two weeks, the majority of draft positioning has been solidified. All 30 teams are focused on the 2024 NBA Draft, whether they're in the playoffs or officially in the offseason. The draft is less than two months away, but boards will continue to fluctuate up until the day of the event. Between now and the 2024 NBA Draft, prospects meet with teams around the league and have the opportunity to showcase their talent in workouts. Furthermore, the best prospects will get to compete in the combine as another way to increase draft stock. There still isn't a consensus top pick in this class, but there's real depth and opportunities to find value all throughout the first and into the second round this summer. Leveraging Tankathon to generate our draft order, we take a look at fit and projections for this upcoming event in this iteration of Draft Digest's 2024 NBA Mock Draft.

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